Cynthia Coon

On the morning of January 19, 1970, Cynthia left to go to school in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, MI.
She has not been seen by her family or friends since then. Cynthia called her family on April 1, 1970, and April 2, 1970, but did not know where she was at the time of the calls. On May 5, 1970, her family received an extortion-type phone call, but no further communication has been made with Cynthia’s family since that date.


Investigative Contact:
Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office 313-971-8400 Confidential Tip Line 734-973-7711 Agency Case Number: 70-0627 NCIC Number: M-360881150

Date of Birth:
March 24, 1956

Age at Death/Disappearance:

Date of Death/Disappearance:
January 19, 1970

Case Type:

Case Status:

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