Talfrieda Michelle Covington


Talfrieda Covington, 28, was found dead June 30, 1991, on the sidewalk in front of her home at 2109 Valley in Muskegon. The postmortem report revealed she had been stabbed 23 times. According to newspaper reports, loud voices were heard at around 5:30 a.m. but it wasn’’t until 6:44 that a passerby observed her body on the sidewalk. “Frieda” was two-months’ pregnant at the time of her murder.
Ms. Covington had two children, a daughter (then 5) and a son (then 3). Her daughter was staying with her grandmother, Anna Crockett, on the night of the murder and police report that her son said he was awaked by a loud argument and that his mother told him to go back to bed, which he did.
Police say they have several suspects in the case, but not enough evidence yet to bring the murder(ers) to trial.
Anna Crockett says her daughter was “too trusting; she took people at face value. She loved her children, she loved the Lord. She didn’’t do drugs, she didn’’t smoke.”
Ms. Crockett works at Holy Trinity Church of God in Christ across the street from the site of her daughter’Â’s murder and says “It took me a year before I could drive down that street. This has been so hard.”
But she has the strength necessary to see this through: “My strength came from Him.””


Investigative Contact:
Mathew Kolkema: Mathew.Kolkema@postman.org or 231/724 6961

Date of Birth:
June18, 1963

Age at Death/Disappearance:

Date of Death/Disappearance:
June 30, 1991

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