Gail and Rick Brink — Solved

Gail and Rick Brink were new owners of a property at 14947 Ransom Street, in the rural area north of Holland, MI. They had been celebrating a wedding with friends Saturday evening, Nov. 21, 1987, and came home in the late evening. When they didn’t show up for work Monday morning, coworkers grew alarmed. A call to Rick’s parents, Gerrit and Ilsa Brink resulted in their driving to the home where they found their son and daughter-in-law dead. Gail was in her bed, shot twice in the head. Rick was in his car, also shot and killed. Ottawa County Sheriff deputies responded to the scene and started the process of investigation.

Officers from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department arrested Ryan Mark Wyngarden-Gail’s brother–for the double murder Friday, January 18, 2013. He was subsequently found guilty and sentenced (April 21, 2014) to life in prison.

Investigative Contact:
Det. Venus Repper and Det. Dave Blakely, Ottawa County Sheriff's Department. You can reach them through the investigative unit: (616) 738-4022.

Date of Birth:

Age at Death/Disappearance:

Date of Death/Disappearance:
Nov. 21, 1987

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