Linda Fay Kirkendoll Bourst

Linda Fay Kirkendoll Bourst’s body was found in the Grand River at a boat ramp off West River Drive just west of Northland Drive, stripped of all her belongings.

According to Michigan State Police, who worked the case, she died of a “physical Assault to the chest area.” She also had black eyes and a broken nose. She had been killed within 24 hours of being discovered at 12:56, Saturday, November 17, 1990.

One theory is that she was killed by Ottawa Hills High School U.S. history teacher Richard Jensen, who subsequently confessed to the stabbing death of 23-year-old Kerry Mansfield. Mansfield had been stabbed 55 times in the chest, back, neck, and wrist on March 17, 1991. Jensen was sentenced to life in prison.



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Investigative Contact:
Michigan State Police: 616-866-6666 or Silent Observer: (616) 774-2345

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Date of Death/Disappearance:
Nov. 16, 1990

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