January 11, 2017 — Prosecutor Franz: Wilson case not closed; “Heritage Hill Bride” at Spring Lake Library this evening.

Ottawa County Prosecuting Attorney Ron Franz called this morning with what was to me surprising news: “The Wilson Murder case is not officially closed. […] There was a point after the death of Mr. Oudemolen that we met with the [victim’s] family and discussed this case.”

That is at odds with the information from retired Sheriff Gary Rosema chronicled in the interview posted Jan. 1 at this website. It would seem the sheriff was in error about that detail. And does it really matter whether the case is closed out or, as the prosecutor says, is listed as inactive?

Maybe, when it comes to getting copies of records. I’d like to see them. Open cases can be difficult to review. For instance, I believe the Janet Chandler homicide is still listed as open but inactive. To receive or review anything I have had to file Freedom of Information Act requests with the Michigan Attorney General. That office has had my most recent request since July. In defense of the AG’s office: I asked for a whole lot and gave them extra time to respond.

I am pretty sure the prosecutor is not just going to chat about this case. In response to a question about David Oudemolen, Prosecutor Franz offered this: “I am not going to offer public comment on Mr. Oudemolen’s involvement.” Nor did he have anything to share about possible witnesses including Delwyn Berkompas.

So, we know more today. …Maybe more of what we don’t know.


Tonight I’m showing Heritage Hill Bride at the Spring Lake District Library beginning at 6:30 p.m. Come if you like; there is no admission charge.

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