Jack In The Box

Spring, 2002, and the blueberry fields of West Michigan are readying for another year’s crop from the nation’s leading state. Blueberry plantation owner Gordon DeVries turns from the country dirt road into the two-track that leads to one of his fields, located between Holland and Grand Haven. As he passes a scrub-growth woods he sees something he doesn’t quite take in. Only when he returns does his brain confirm what his eyes have told him: it is the badly burned body of a man in a footlocker. Around the body the trees and undergrowth are scorched. Gord has just discovered Jack in the Box, a case that remains unsolved.

Investigative Contact:
Detective Bob Donker at the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office, 616.738.4012 or toll free, 888.731.1001, or email: rdonker@miottawa.org. The Silent Observer contact number is 616.842.1400

Date of Birth:

Age at Death/Disappearance:

Date of Death/Disappearance:
Spring, 2002

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