April 19, 2017 — Need to closed caption Heritage Hill Bride

WGVU-TV, Public Broadcasting for this west side of the state, has accepted Heritage Hill Bride: The Murder of Shelley Speet Mills for carriage. But in order to run on the station, the film must be closed captioned. That’s going to cost about $2K that I just don’t have now. So, with many misgivings I have started a Kickstarter fund-raising account. It is here. If you want to help make this happen I will be very grateful.

As well, we have made efforts to get this film into the Michigan Prison system and not had much luck. And, no, the prisons would not have to buy the films; I will provide them if they will show the piece. I can think of no better place to find people who may know about this 46-year-old homicide. If you have ideas please let me know. Prayers are always welcome.


  1. Katherine Young, May 20, 2017:

    In getting information into the Prison Systems, some are using a Deck of playing cards, it features the victim’s photo and a few other details, DOB, DATE MISSING/Murdered, City/state, brief statement of what happened

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