November 17, 2018 — A Conquerors’ Thanksgiving

Today was the Thanksgiving celebration with Conquerors Support Group, the no0n-profit organization for families of murder victims. The gathering this afternoon was at the Sherman Street Christian Church. It was  grand meeting and meal, and part of the news was that after 11 years, executive director and founder Carolyn Priester (whose one son, Lee Randolph Priester was murdered in July 28, 2007) will be folding her organization into a new one, mostly on-line to help families of murder victims throughout the land. Lord, there is plenty of need. It was an honor to be there, to share where the members and supporters the importance of keeping the stories of their loved ones in the public space, especially those stories where the murderers are unknown.


  1. sue morningstar, November 29, 2018:

    How do I contact you about a murder that happened in 1983?

  2. David, December 9, 2018:

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