September 27, 2019 — A plea scheduled for Christopher Wayne McMillan

Christopher Wayne McMillan, charged in the 2002 murder of Roberto Caraballo, is scheduled to enter a plea at 11:15 a.m. October 10 in the courtroom of Eaton County Circuit Court Judge Janice K. Cunningham.

This is according to his attorney, John H. Deming. I had noted the McMillan was scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Nov. 6 and called the court clerk for more details. She didn’t know, so I called Mr. Deming and he alerted me that the pretrial hearing was likely obviated because his client was going to plead guilty. To all three charges? That he didn’t know. In any event, McMillan is formally charged with HOMICIDE – OPEN MURDER – STATUTORY SHORT FORM; HOMICIDE – OPEN MURDER – STATUTORY SHORT FORM – CONSPIRE; DEAD BODIES – DISINTERMENT & MUTILATION. To you and me it’s likely murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and mutilation.

I made another call to the court clerk and she said the matter had not yet been scheduled through her office; the paperwork had not arrived there. So there may be a change in the “when.” I have call in to the judge’s assistant for any further information that I might solicit.

One of the two others charged in the murder has been arrested and is in custody. Stepdaughter Dineane Ducharme is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Nov. 19. As I understand it, the third charged, Beverly Ducharme McCallum, Caraballo’s wife at the time of his murder, remains at liberty in Pakistan. We are likely to learn of her extradition only after the fact.


  1. Margaret Werderits, September 27, 2019:

    Glad he is owning up to what he did.

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