Nov. 22, 2019 — Chris McMillan’s testimony in the Dineane Ducharme preliminary hearing

McMillan Direct from David Schock on Vimeo.

It has taken some time since Tuesday’s court session, but here is the direct examination by Eaton County Prosecutor Doug Lloyd of Christopher McMillan’s. This is McMilland testimony against his one-time friend and smoking buddy Dineane Ducharme in the murder of her stepfather, Roberto Caraballo in 2002. I had hoped to come by some additional images of evidence introduced at the preliminary hearing, but it didn’t happen. Because of the constraint of where I was set up, shifting the camera to take in the exhibition screen was a task, not one I was always up to. And as a cautionary note, the burned body of the victim was shown in court and I already had that and several other images of the baseball bat, the hammer, the footlocker, and, of course, the body in situ. This latter is alarming. It shows up at 41:22. This is not suitable for children. Tomorrow I will post the cross examination by Ducharme’s attorney, G. Michael Hocking.


  1. Henry Ottens, November 22, 2019:

    Fascinating courtroom drama, masterfully captured by Schock. Better than NYPD Blue.

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