November 25, 2019 — Witnesses Gord deVries and Courtney Davis

First up after Christopher McMilland was blueberry farmer Gord deVries. It was he who on May 8, 2002, found the badly burned body of an unknown murder victim, identified in 2015 first as Juan Cintron and subsequently as Roberto Caraballo. He attested that the body had not been there on his farm on May 7.

Note that this video again makes use of a graphic image of Roberto’s badly burned body. That was included as a referent to allow deVries to attest to what he saw.

Gord deVries testimony from David Schock on Vimeo.

Next up was Courtney Davis, who testified that defendant Dineane Ducharme had voluntarily elicited this specific statement: “We killed him.” It is that language that proves slippery to nail down.

Courtney Davis from David Schock on Vimeo.

This preliminary hearing was adjourned in order the allow the testimony of forensic pathologist Steven Cohle. That begins at 9 a.m. Dec. 3.

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