December 3, 2019 — In court, and some background of Dennis Bowman’s arrest

Today I spent watching forensic pathologist Dr. Stephen Cohle give his expert testimony and recollections of the Jack in the Box case. The defendant, Dineane Ducharme, was bound over for trial, so the prosecutor made his case. Tomorrow I will post Dr. Cohle’s testimony and show the graphic evidence admitted, both of which helped lead to the judgement of the court. Ducharme is bound over for trial in circuit court…and unless she takes a good look at the witnesses arrayed against her and sues for a plea that might result in life as opposed to a lesser sentence. But that’s tomorrow.

But today is this, the press release issued by the Norfolk Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s office. I urge you to ponder one phase in the description of the way the case was solved: “forensic evidence.” Good old fashioned police work and forensic evidence. More to come.


  1. Cathy Armstrong, December 3, 2019:

    I love this… “Police detectives and NCIS agents have been unyielding in their efforts to bring Mrs. Doyle’s killer to justice.”

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