February 5, 2020 — Dennis Bowman may have confessed to the killing of Alexis Badger/Aundria Bowman.

So much more to come but we don’t know how quickly. My understanding from the news story is that based on his admission of having killed his adopted daughter, Alexis Badger/Aundria Bowman, and revealed the location where he buried her, human remains have been found under a concrete pad on his former property.

Here is the story from WOODTV.

While the law enforcers are not saying that the remains at hers, her biological mother, Cathy Terkanian, asserts they are and that she has learned Bowman has confessed to causing her death. Law enforcement officials are not stating that much yet. They have to be very careful about what news they release and when. Bowman has a long history of assaulting women and is charged with the death of Kathleen Doyle, 25, in Norfolk, VA, in 1980. He is facing extradition.

Will this case keep him in Michigan? We’ll see. Or if he confesses to all or is convicted where will he do his time? Again, we’ll see.

Cathy Terkanian at last has the beginning of some answers.

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