September 15, 2020 — Fifty years ago today

Shelley Speet Mills was murdered in Grand Rapids.

The crime remains unsolved.

I finished date film about the case–a process that took ten years–and came out four years ago. I invite you to watch it. Alas, the settings on Vimeo do not allow me to give it away, but I can sell it for 99 cents, which I am doing.

If you need you 99 cents back, let me know.

But if you order it up–or even you don’t–please send up a prayer that this case be solved. I believe that it can be.


  1. CB, September 20, 2020:

    Do they not have tons of DNA? Stabbings are messy, and the murderer often bleeds too. If it is the Heritage Hill murderer, his DNA will be in the database. If not, there is always parabon nanolabs.

  2. David, September 22, 2020:

    My understanding is that IF there was any DNA it has so degraded that it’s of no value. So far any DNA tests have come back inconclusive. So, this is going to have to be solved the old fashion way: luck and/or smarts.

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