July 27, 2021 — Wherefore art thou?

I have been missing in action. Much has happened. There has been an arrest in the Deannie Peters case. James Frisbie has been arrested and while details are still pretty limited pending court proceedings…they will be coming.

Casey West also has let me know that Dennis Bowman has a trial date set for January of 2022.

And to the point here, Dineane Ducharme will stand trial August 16 in Eaton County’s 56th Circuit Court, Judge Janice K. Cunningham presiding, for her part in the murder of Roberto Caraballo in the Jack in the Box case. As well, to the best of my knowledge Beverly Anne Magliochetti (aka Beverly McCallum) remains in an Italian jail awaiting extradition.

Gotta get my paperwork in. Every time I want to put a camera in a courtroom I need to ask for permission. This is what that looks like.


  1. K.Magliochetti, August 5, 2021:

    Following…she (Bev) is related by marriage…and no one is surprised to hear what she did. Always acting out…not happy until she created controversy. Will Bev finally face justice for this? Very sad ..the lives she has ruined.

  2. Marie, January 31, 2023:

    In case you didn’t hear, Bev and Italy made Eaton county bow and reduce the charges; she will probably get off with 10 years like McMillan. Meanwhile the innocent one, who wouldn’t plea will never see the light of day….delayed justice? I don’t think so

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