April 9, 2024 — Time to go home

The grave marker given by those associated with the case of the murder of Roberto Caraballo described him as “Known only to God.” Roberto’s body–though he was unidentified–was treated with respect, even love, by those determined to solve this case.

That was then.

Now we know who he is, who he was, and how he met his end. Justice has been achieved with the conviction of Beverly McCallum last week. And now it’s time for Roberto’s body to go home to the Dominican Republic. His beloved daughter Sicily has asked for help to bring him there. Here are the charges:

I know the folks at Sytsema. I’m betting this is below cost. Would you consider a small donation? Or a big one? Roberto has been a stranger in a strange land for too long. This can be remedied. We can do it.

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