Send Us Your Case

Only a little more than 60 percent of homicides are cleared according to statistics for 2006 ( That would mean for the 17-thousand murders in the U.S. in 2006, 68-hundred are unsolved, or, at least, there is no arrest. That means that a lot of people are getting away with murder. We propose an on-line memorial for victims of murder. To do this we solicit brief histories of the victims, the crime, a photograph of the victim, and a case contact for the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the case.

What should you include?

Name, age and place of residence of the victim.

Details of the murder…when, where and how.

Background of the victim…work and interests, surviving family.

Your hope in this case.

The name, e-mail address and telephone number of the law enforment agent in charge of the case.

A photograph of the victim, preferably in a high resolution scan, say at 600 dpi.  (And that scan can be a jpeg, a tiff, a bmp…almost any format.)

These should be e-mailed to our new We Remember administrator Melissa at


if you need to send it by surface/air mail, please contact me first and we’ll make arrangements. My contact is

Because police officers sometimes give more information to the families than they do to the news media and the general public, we will try to send each case before the supervising officer to make sure we’re not releasing anything that would jeopardize the investigation. This is also a way to try to keep practical jokes off our pages.

The goal, of course, is that someone, somewhere will know something about the case and come forward. At the very least, we will remember.