Laurie Ann Swank

Let’s start with Laurie Ann Swank as she testifies Oct. 19, 2007, about the planning session where Janet’s abduction was first plotted (segment runs 4:58):

Okay, so here are some names you may not have heard before unless you were in court: Robin Clonkey and Liz Schaftenaar.



Here, then, is Laurie Ann Swank’s account of her visitation of and participation in the assault and murder of Janet Chandler (segment runs 7:24):

Swank testified ROBIN CLONKEY raped Janet. Now, Laurie Ann Swank testified she did not see LIZ SCHAFTENAAR there when Janet died, but Laurie Ann only showed up in the late afternoon, long after the start of the murderous assault. A lot of people had come and gone by then. And all are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This is only Laurie Ann Swank’s testimony.