Diane Griffin Marsman

Diane Griffin Marsman was in on the crime nearly from the start. She discusses a meeting of Tony Williams, Cheryl Ruiz, herself, Glenn Johnson, Michael Chandler and James “Bubba” Nelson to abduct Janet. Now, this doesn’t sound like the same planning session that was attended by Carl Paiva and Laurie Ann Swank. Could there have been two meetings? Or more? It’s possible that these folks were holding their own anticipatory session. Marsman is the witness who describes with clarity Janet’s abduction by, she testifies, James “Bubba” Nelson. She says that watching while Janet was led away were Tony Williams, Cheryl Ruiz, Diane herself, Glenn Johnson, and Michael Chandler.




At the party itself she describes the rapes by the convicted murders. She and Cheryl watched from the doorway.

And after the murder, but before the funeral, she describes a meeting–what Prosecutor Craig Bunce call and “boasting” session–that was attended by some of the convicted murderers and Mike Chandler and Ron Wirick (Segment runs 27:59).

Diane says she was there when Janet was murdered and she said Carl Paiva was, too. That may contradict Patty Bright Ward’s testimony that Paiva was standing beside her downstairs when he was informed of Janet’s death.

It may be that there will be MORE TO COME in the form of cross, redirect and recross.

As always, everyone here is presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.