Adrian Dekker 2

This second interview with Adrian Dekker was recorded Jan. 21, 2008.  That was almost two years after our first interview.  Why the second interview?  Certainly not because of any omission on Adrian’s part.  But we had learned so much and wanted to touch base with him again.  As well, the initial interview had been shot in standard definition and I wanted to revisit all that in high definition.  Adrian consented.  In the process we hit on new material and I wound up sharing with him almost as much as he did with me.  I had scanned the entire case file with the permission of the Grand Rapids Police Department.  I was carrying a lot of hte information about in my head and in the copies of the various reports.  Sgt. Chris Postma had made all that possible in addition to his interview.

This interview was shortly before we sat down with Margaret Luteyn Vanderwelle and before Chris Bedford and Bob Rosenzweig–two of Ray Peters’ grandchildren–made contact.  This film is busted into four segment and runs in total about an hour and a half.

Well, it’s true that at the time of this interview I WAS most suspicious of Ray Peters as the possible assailant. But after speaking with his grandchildren it seems less and less likely. It’s indeed odd the way the mind will twist and turn based sometimes on the most recent information that it acquires.

As well, Adrian makes several assertions about the character of Calvin DeBlaey. Those are not casual and I have the evidence to back up his theft from the Second Reformed Church in Grand Haven. It takes the form of a witness who was there, a hesitant witness who very much dislike saying anything bad about anyone. But I have it if I need it. And as I’ve said to Adrian, it’s one thing to be a thief and a liar, but it’s something all together different to be a murderer. There was no definitive proof that Cal DeBlaey was a murderer.