About Delayed Justice

Delayed Justice is an outgrowth of the filmic activities of David B. Schock, Ph.D. David is a former associate professor at Hope College in Holland, MI. There he worked with students in documentary and other media classes where they discovered that telling a story can lead to powerful results.

David’s belief is this:

“My concept for Delayed Justice begans with the assurance that God’s mercy is all encompassing and His justice is perfect. Most of the stories here deal with the wait for justice, a wait that might seem to us too long. With the psalmist we ask: “Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?” (Psalms 94:3). We cannot know God’s time before the event; but in retrospect we can see Him moving through history, even recent history.

“It is individuals who commit injustice and it is individuals—with God’s help and guidance—who restore justice.”

David grew up in Midland, MI, the son of the Reverends Flora and William Schock (she an Episcopal deacon—one of the first ordained women in the church—and he an Episcopal priest). He earned a bachelor’s degree in religion from Albion College in 1971, a master’s in journalism from Central Michigan University in 1973, and the Ph.D. from International College in 1984. While International College is no more, it represented an attempt at close working relationship between students and their mentors. David earned his degree in creative writing and literary criticism while working under Dr. Russell Amos Kirk, Jr., of Mecosta, MI. Dr. Kirk is best known for his book The Conservative Mind, an intellectual history of thinkers who have fought the rising tide of ideologies.

David is a former newspaper reporter and editor, magazine reporter, a radio producer and host, a television reporter, and college professor. His film career includes many projects for institutions of higher education, foundations, and corporations including The Department of Education, Western Theological Seminary, The Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan, The National Geographic Society, Dow Corning Corporation, The Michigan Department of Education, JSJ, Amway, Central Michigan University, Michigan State University, Michigan State Police and the Office of Highway Safety and Planning, The Grand Haven Area Community Foundation and others. In addition, he is a semiprofessional jazz trumpet player.

David lives in Grand Haven, MI.

You may reach him at david.schock@delayedjustice.com.