Adrian Dekker film interview

Adrian Dekker was only 14 years old when his sister Mina was murdered.  He believes strongly that Calvin DeBlaey was her killer.  So did a lot of other people at the time.

Mr. Dekker is reporting some hearsay about Calvin DeBlaey, particularly about his activities after he left the Grand Rapids area and moved the 30 or so miles to Grand Haven. Generally, I’d hesitate to allow that second-hand. In this case, though, I GOT the confirmation and it will be forthcoming if needed. I interviewed a man was sat across from Cal DeBlaey when he admitted stealing from the church.

Why does it matter? It goes to character. DeBlaey was not a truthful individual by his own account and I’ve read his testimony.

But it’s a far cry from gambling, lying and stealing…to murder. And whatever other his failings might have been, he was never charged in this crime, never tried.

One of the last interviews we conducted was another session with Adrian…and at that time I knew a lot more about the case…I’d been over the case file page by page, piece by piece. I could see why the police couldn’t close it; there were just too many possibilities.