March 25 and 26, 1938

This kind of story is not necessarily hard news.  It does show, however, Lt. Frank Breen, the lead investigator on the Mina Dekker Case.  It also shows Patrolman John DeBlay.  That’s a slightly different spelling than the prime suspect, Calvin DeBlaey.  Could they be related?  Would it matter?

The Grand Rapids Press, March 25



Here is one of the most intriguing stories in the entire series.  Mina Dekker KNEW something about her danger.  Ken Kolker and I cover this in his interview. She had previously complain about the attentions from Calvin DeBlaey, so it wouldn’t seem she be hesitant to voice those again.  Whoever it was she described to her friend had enough clout that revealing his name would be a surprise, a shock.

The Grand Rapids Press, March 26, page 1