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This website is intended to deal with murder, brutality, corruption and hatred—all falling under what we call acts of injustice.  We tell the stories of open and unsolved homicides–what are called “cold” cases.  We also memorialize those whose lives have been taken from them in hope that somebody will come forward to tell the truth. So far our efforts center on Michigan.

David B. Schock, Ph.D.

David B. Schock, Ph.D.

“Somebody knows somethin’.  Somebody ALWAYS knows somethin’.”

That’s the way Jim Fairbanks put it when we made our first film, Who Killed Janet Chandler?  Detective Fairbanks (retired) was the lead investigator on the law enforcement team in 1979.  What he had to say then still applies today.  For nearly every unsolved homicide there is somebody out there who could solve it if she or he would come forward and make a contact.

To call an unsolved homicide a “cold” case is chilling in its own right.  Yes, these unsolved cases grow “cold” because there are no new leads; they more or less drop off the social and cultural radar.  But they are NEVER “cold” to the family members and friends, they are never forgotten or out of mind.  And there is always the hope that justice, however delayed, will be served.

We invite you to visit the We Remember part of this site, a place where families and friends of those whose murders remain unsolved contact us and can help to post details of the victims’ lives and the resultant investigations.

We also invite your view of what we are calling a Primary Documentary Investigation as we tell the story of the murder of Mina Dekker.

Our hope in all the cases we chronicle is that somebody who knows something will say something.

From David — A Weblog of investigation:

September 21, 2016 — Yes, the film is now available on line.

Here’s how you can buy either the film for high-definition download or the standard-definition DVD.

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September 13, 2016 — With a lot of help from our friends

With the addition of WZZM and The Grand Rapids Press the word should now be OUT.

So here are the links that I’ve been able to find for all the stories so far:

My conversation with James S. Gemmell of WJRW, 1340. In full discloser, James was a student of mine a million and a half years ago when I taught at Central Michigan University (I left in 1991).

An interview with WOOD TV8’s Lynsey Mukomel.

A story that ran in The Grand Haven Tribune.

A story by Justin P. Hicks in The Grand Rapids Press.

A story by Sarah Cell on WZZM13.

A story by Patrick Center of WGVU-FM.

A story by Cassandra Arsenault of Fox 17.

I am grateful for all the help in getting the story out. Now, I pray the film goes out to do its job.

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September 12, 2016 — With a little help from our friends

Getting the word out about the film premier is a little uncertain, or so it seems at times.

But we have had some help for which we are grateful. Here’s an interview with WOOD TV8’s Lynsey Mukomel.

And here’s a link of my conversation with James S. Gemmell of WJRW, 1340. In full discloser, James was a student of mine a million and a half years ago when I taught at Central Michigan University (I left in 1991).

And here’s a story that ran in the Grand Haven Tribune.

If you have any interest in this film, would you please let your friends know about?  A free film with free popcorn!  What’s not to like? Oh, yeah…the subject matter of a brutal murder.


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September 5, 2016 — We have a film

Here’s the trailer:

One of the last jobs was to have the audio balanced throughout, fixed where needed. My friend Stuart Poltrock of Sound Post in Grand Rapids did the work over this past weekend. He made the film even better.I am deeply indebted. Stuart and I have worked on so many projects together during the past two decades and more. We’ve had great adventures and gone through great trials. He remains at the top of his art.

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August 29, 2016 — We have a time, we have a place, and we almost have a film

Such small increments. That’s how we measure progress. A big gift came last Wednesday in the form of permission to use photos of Grand Rapids Press articles. (Thank you publisher/president Danny Gaydou.) Friday it was setting our monitors so we could be assured of reasonable final colors. That night was devoted to color correction. Saturday and Sunday was audio balancing and lower-third superimpositions. Final tweaks and edits all the way along. Something I call challenging the bite: I see what I’ve used in the film, but also there is “this” segment that might be as strong or stronger and might suit better. So the challenge goes on up to the date of showing. Tomorrow I go to Grand Rapids for more research for visuals. There are things I really need to make this movie what I think it might be.

This film will go up at the Wealthy Street Theatre in Grand Rapids at 7 and 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept 14.

Here’s the current press release:

Shelley Mills Murder release

And here’s the poster for the event:

Poster Heritage HIll Murder






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