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This website is intended to deal with murder, brutality, corruption and hatred—all falling under what we call acts of injustice.  We tell the stories of open and unsolved homicides–what are called “cold” cases.  We also memorialize those whose lives have been taken from them in hope that somebody will come forward to tell the truth. So far our efforts center on Michigan.

David B. Schock, Ph.D.

“Somebody knows somethin’.  Somebody ALWAYS knows somethin’.”

That’s the way Jim Fairbanks put it when we made our first film, Who Killed Janet Chandler?  Detective Fairbanks (retired) was the lead investigator on the law enforcement team in 1979.  What he had to say then still applies today.  For nearly every unsolved homicide there is somebody out there who could solve it if she or he would come forward and make a contact.

To call an unsolved homicide a “cold” case is chilling in its own right.  Yes, these unsolved cases grow “cold” because there are no new leads; they more or less drop off the social and cultural radar.  But they are NEVER “cold” to the family members and friends, they are never forgotten or out of mind.  And there is always the hope that justice, however delayed, will be served.

We invite you to visit the We Remember part of this site, a place where families and friends of those whose murders remain unsolved contact us and can help to post details of the victims’ lives and the resultant investigations.

We also invite your view of what we are calling a Primary Documentary Investigation as we tell the story of the murder of Mina Dekker.

Our hope in all the cases we chronicle is that somebody who knows something will say something.

From David — A Weblog of investigation:

August 16, 2021 — A mistrial

Even before the court session opened today it was clear to the judge, the prosecutor, and the defense that there was a mistrial. The jury had been selected last Friday, and all was in order to move ahead. All the witnesses had been summoned for today, the prosecution and defense were ready to go. But over the weekend, a juror grew uncomfortable with the proximity that would have been required in the jury box…there was no room for social distancing. And with the Covid delta variant on the rise, there was ample reason for consideration. The only other accommodation would have been to position the jurors in the general seating area of the courtroom…where it’s distant and dark. Such distance and resulting reliance on video monitors really would have compromised a fair trial. That’s because so much relies on jury members being able to clearly see the defendant, witnesses, the attorneys, the judge. So, the trial was scrubbed for now. It will be rescheduled for late October or early November. Judge Janice Cunningham said THAT trial will not be postposed and will be set up for social distancing if necessary but with enough time to do it right in order to preserve a fair trial. That also would mean that there would be no access by the media or general public and that the proceedings would be shared live on YouTube to meet the concept of an open court.

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July 27, 2021 — Wherefore art thou?

I have been missing in action. Much has happened. There has been an arrest in the Deannie Peters case. James Frisbie has been arrested and while details are still pretty limited pending court proceedings…they will be coming.

Casey West also has let me know that Dennis Bowman has a trial date set for January of 2022.

And to the point here, Dineane Ducharme will stand trial August 16 in Eaton County’s 56th Circuit Court, Judge Janice K. Cunningham presiding, for her part in the murder of Roberto Caraballo in the Jack in the Box case. As well, to the best of my knowledge Beverly Anne Magliochetti (aka Beverly McCallum) remains in an Italian jail awaiting extradition.

Gotta get my paperwork in. Every time I want to put a camera in a courtroom I need to ask for permission. This is what that looks like.

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March 9, 2021 — A body found

Skeletal remains have been found near Saugatuck. So far, just questions. But this from WOOD TV.

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February 24, 2021 — Dennis Bowman bound over for trial

Dennis Bowman’s wife testified that he confessed to the murder of their adopted daughter Alexis Miranda Badger/Aundria Bowman. Here are the details from reporter Carolyn Muyskens and chronicled in the Holland Sentinel. He is headed to trial in Allegan County Circuit Court. In a subsequent development, Bowman has been linked to a 1979 assault, according to WOODTV.

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February 22, 2021 — Dennis Bowman in court

I caught a news report yesterday that Dennis Bowman was headed for a preliminary hearing in Allegan County’s 57th District Court today for the murder of his adopted daughter Alexis Miranda Badger also known as Aundria Bowman. Bowman has been charged with murder, first-degree child abuse and mutilation of a body. At the time of the hearing this was a live link to the court. There will be plenty coming out about it.

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