Glenn L. Johnson

Glenn Johnson was the number two man on the strike detail, under Carl Paiva. He testified from a wheelchair, the victim of a couple of strokes that he says didn’t diminish his mental facilities. Here’s what he recalls of the party and his involvement. This is his direct interrogation by Craig Bunce, Holland Division Chief of the Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office. He was second chair on the prosecution (segment runs 10:32):

So, here are additional participants who at the very least were at the party:


HALVERSON (that would be DUANE HALVERSON to you and me)

PATTY BRIGHT (now PATTY BRIGHT WARD–and we’ll hear from her next).

On cross examination defense attorney Joe Legatz quized him about one more participant (segment runs :29):

Oh, yes, and WILLIE BASS.

All are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. No one else has been charged in this crime. And Donna Pendergast reminds us that “mere presence at a crime is not a crime.”