April 4, 2019 — “Jack in the Box” apparently solved

It has taken roughly 17 years since the crime. And now reporters are learning that the “Jack in the Box” case is likely solved. In the first place, there was always the lack of knowledge of Jack’s identity. He is Roberto Higüey Alejandro Caraballo, a native of the Dominican Republic. He was 37 at the time of his murder.

Here are some initial reports:

The Lansing State Journal.


And there is a press conference scheduled for today in Eaton County. There is a lot of information that will come out, much of it slowly. But the question some of you have had was this: did the film have anything to do with the solution of the crime? It’s my understanding it did. But the real and ongoing work is the result of two detectives in particular. But that is likely their story to share.

My idea was that I needed to keep Jack’s story out in public, just in case. This relates to my concept of these murder films—and I’ve now made six feature-length films of this kind; of that number, five have been solved. While I am very happy to entertain an audience, I am really reaching out for the ONE person who can tell the police what they need to prosecute the case.

We know that in the early stages of a murder investigation time is the enemy. But once a case grows cold, time can be an ally; people grow consciences, get religion, have kids, think about what they’ve done, are freed from fear of retaliation. Anything can happen, and time is your friend.

But 17 years???

It takes as long as it takes.

And we need to remember Roberto for who he was. In addition to victim, he was a beloved family member. Remember THAT man through all the flash of the news.


  1. CATHY VanEck (now Armstrong), April 5, 2019:

    Thank you to law enforcement. And, to you,
    David, for turning your dedication to finding justice into action. It inspires hope that there will be justice one day for Debby Polinsky, as well as the others.

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